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Sheffield Community Transport Services


Community Transport for Individuals & Groups

We offer a range of Door 2 Door transport services designed particularly for people who find it very difficult or impossible to use public transport.

The mainstream bus network in Sheffield continues to improve but for many people it remains inaccessible.

Our services aim to overcome these transport barriers and enable everyone to participate more fully in society.  They have been developed over the years in consultation with passengers and other interested bodies and are designed to provide a flexible, responsive and affordable offer.

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South Yorkshire Wheels 2 Work

South Yorkshire Wheels 2 Work provides a short-term scooter loan service to people across South Yorkshire who have difficulties getting to work, training or college due to a lack of suitable, affordable transport.  There are often jobs available but at times or places not served by public transport. Without South Yorkshire Wheels 2 Work, many people would miss out on opportunities to take up employment.

We operate one of the largest schemes in the country with over 150 scooters available.

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Wheels 2 Work