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Community Transport for individuals

We offer four main Door 2 Door services for individuals which are Shopper Bus, City Ride, Community Car Scheme and Other Services.

Shopper Bus and City Ride are delivered using our modern fleet of fully accessible minibuses.  The minibuses provide transport for people who find it very difficult or impossible to use public transport.  Our drivers provide assistance from your doorstep to the vehicle and ensure that you board the bus, and are carried securely and safely.  Please note that we are only permitted to carry certain mobility scooters and passengers must transfer from the scooter to a bus seat to travel.

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Our Shopper Bus services provide transport between your local area and either the City Centre or a local supermarket.  Shopper Buses operate from Monday to Friday, times and destinations vary according to the area served.

You pay a flat fare and may bring a companion to travel with you, they will also need to pay the fare.  You can make bookings up to seven days in advance, or up to 12.30pm on the day before you wish to travel.  Click here to visit the Travel South Yorkshire website for more information on the Shopper Bus in your area.

Our City Ride service provides door-to-door services for individuals.  It operates flexible service hours and it is our aim to meet your travel needs.  You can travel anywhere in the City of Sheffield for whatever reason you choose. City Ride fares are similar to what you would expect to pay for a bus journey.  As demand for this service is very high, you may normally only book a maximum of two journeys each week.

Our booking line is available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12.30pm.  Click here to visit the Travel South Yorkshire website for more information on City Ride in your area.

Our Community Car Scheme is operated by volunteers who drive their own cars to provide transport for registered passengers.  This service is suitable for a wide range of activities, including travel to lunch clubs, hospital visiting, adult education classes, shopping, and leisure or simply visiting friends. A low mileage charge is made to cover costs.

Most journeys that are undertaken on the Community Car Scheme are fairly local, but we can undertake longer journeys if required, for example to visit relatives.  Please book a few days in advance of your journey to enable us to find a volunteer driver.

At Sheffield Community Transport we recognise that passengers may have requirements, which do not necessarily fit into the above services.  We also offer City Ride + which is exactly the same as the standard City Ride service but can be arranged on a regular basis every week without the need to book ahead.  City Ride + does cost more than the regular service but gives you the assurance that your transport is guaranteed every week.

We can also provide transport to destinations outside Sheffield on our Mobility for Leisure service.  This is a popular service for people going on holiday or to visit relatives who live some distance away.  For more information about these services please contact us on 0114 285 9906.


    Register for our services

    You will need to register before you can use our services.  Our registration process is very straight forward and can be completed in the three following ways.

    Register Online

    Click here to complete our online registration form.

    Register Offline

    Click here to print our registration form.  You can then post it to us.

    Ask Us to Post You a Form

    Click here to contact us so we can post a offline registration form to you.

    Once we have received your application, we will review it and then, providing you are eligible to use the services, we will post you a welcome pack with further information on how to make a booking and a confirmation document for you to sign and return.  Once you are registered passenger you can make bookings on all our services using our booking line which is 0114 285 9906 and is available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12.30pm.

    Any Questions?

    Click here to read our frequently asked questions.

    Want More Information?

    Click here to visit the Travel South Yorkshire website for more information on Door-2-Door transport in your area.

    Want to Register?

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    Interested in volunteering at SCT?

    Volunteering with SCT is a very rewarding experience and is a great way to develop new skills, meet new friends and help people get out and about.  We are always recruiting for minibus drivers, car drivers and passenger assistants.  We meet our volunteers’ expenses and provide extensive training and support.  Click on the blue button below to find out more.