Site Accessibility

We have designed this site to be as accessible as possible to all visitors.  This page contains a number of tips to ensure that you can access the information.

English not your first language?

Please call the Language Line on 01709 515151 to discuss your transport needs.

Do you find it difficult to read the text on this website?

You can use the toolbar to the right of this page to adjust the website text size, contrast and colours. You can also click ‘Ctrl’ and ‘+’ on your keyboard to enlarge the website. You can call us on 0114 276 6148 to ask for information on any of our services.

If you would like more information but cannot speak or hear on the phone?

Travel South Yorkshire provides Traveline for any queries you have about transport in South Yorkshire.  Typetalk provides a service for people who cannot speak or hear on the phone.  To contact Traveline using Typetalk please ring 18001 01709 515151.